July 14, 2016


It’s been two years since The Pretty Reckless released their sophomore album “Going to Hell” and we’ve all been waiting patiently to see what the band has been working on. Their new single “Take Me Down” incorporates the familiar rock and roll bluesy sound that we expect from the band as well as Taylor’s hard hitting edgy vocals.

Back in the day rock and roll was referred to as the devil’s music and as Taylor proclaims “sold my soul to rock and roll” it sounds like she has no problem offering her soul up in order to continue enjoying and playing this music. Sprinkled throughout the tune you can hear an organ being played tying together this whole southern blues rock theme. The chorus is repetitive with Taylor begging to be taken down and with a gospel sounding choir backing her it’s hard not to want to join in.

The Pretty Reckless’ songs have always had undertones of dealing with the devil, discussing sins and visiting hell but Taylor has admitted in an interview with MTV UK a few years ago that she’s not actually that religious of a person and went on to say, “I don’t think that religion is necessarily a bad thing. I think finding your spirituality, some kind of centre in your life is a necessary thing for everyone. Whether that comes from religion or from meditation or from whatever…for me it’s music. I find solace in that and that’s what keeps me grounded and together.” I agree that exploring various mediums to find inner peace and happiness is important and being accepting of people’s choices to do so demands equal acceptance.

Give the world premier of “Take Me Down” a listen and keep an eye out for new singles that may be on the way from The Pretty Reckless’ third album.

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