July 21, 2016


The latest EP from Surf Dads titled “A Nice Boy” is the perfect garage indie surf soundtrack for anyone’s beach trip. Grab some friends, cold drinks, lay down a towel, hit play and you have yourself the perfect recipe for a chill and mellow day by the water. Regina, Saskatchewan’s Gage McGuire and LA’s Chris Dimas are the duo known as Surf Dads and wrote and recorded “A Nice Boy” in nine hours before Dimas returned to LA.

The EP starts off with “Halifax Street”, a track riddled with regret and the euphemism of opportunistic doors closing. The busy drum and guitar pairing throughout the song reflect the potential feelings of anger and emptiness that go along with missed opportunities.

“Beach Dreams” – “I don’t want to lose you now / I can’t imagine that / you are the only thing to me and I won’t let it go.”

Heavy guitar encourages the descent of a groggy haze before the clean guitar riff comes in breaking the muddy sound and providing clarity for the track “Sleepless Tonight.” This tune is the narrative of a long distance relationship where unfortunately the distance has gotten the better of the couple. Sad sleepy lyrics carry the song as he sings about being unable to influence the inevitable.

The last track on the EP “Nothing to Offer” is led by and eerie vocal melody with undertones of sadness joined by a lively musical arrangement to distract from the worthlessness and frustration projected by the lyrics.

If you live in Saskatchewan, get yourself out to a Surf Dads show this summer. The next show is in Kindersley on August 12th.

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