July 24, 2016



This past week, the Toronto-based band, Blajk released their second EP, “Limited”. After receiving early success off of their debut, self-titled EP, the humble group of musicians have begun to stir up a local following around the city. The new release exemplifies the electro-rock fusion first introduced to us on songs like “French Class,” and “Lost.” But unlike most cross-over artists, Blajk focuses on creating their own unique sound, instead of following other current popular trends.

Just in this past year, Blajk have reached a substantial following of Spotify, secured themselves an opening slot for Young Empires, and have played many concerts around Toronto, including a show at The Drake Hotel, and at Canadian Music Week 2016. Much of the band’s success has been the result of a positive online response, having had recorded their first EP before playing a live show together. Now, with a growing fanbase, the musicians have focused on dropping more tracks, including “Good Liars,” the first track to be released from Limited.

While Blajk may be categorized as synth-pop, the band relies heavy on rock beats, and a central guitar part in most of their songs. The lyricism of most of their tracks follow themes of lust, wealth, and drug abuse, allowing listeners to enter a party-oriented world, but one that is also dark and at times, unattainable. The group is both accessible for pop-oriented fans, but also edgier than what you would expect from a synth-pop group.

You can check out the video for one of their earlier releases, “Hamptons,” below:

And find all of their music, including Limited on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal or Soundcloud below:

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