July 29, 2016



It’s the middle of summer and you haven’t found the perfect garage indie rock summer soundtrack. Look no further, your search is officially over! Two-piece indie/alternative band Surf Dads have returned with their new EP – Summer Vacation. The new release heads in a different direction then A Nice Boy which seemed to be centered around a struggling relationship and unavoidable heartbreak, but it doesn’t stray from their familiar garage rock surf sound that we love.

It all starts with “Found Yourself in Thailand” which features Dagan Harding. Shouting, disorderly vocals compliment the impulsive guitar line to create the messy garage rock sound Surf Dads never fail to deliver. The song pokes fun at recently graduated youth who go travelling to “find themselves” in distant lands, “she thought she’d find herself spiritually / but what she found is a mystery / now she roams the streets looking for a bottle.” However, in place of self discovery, they’ve found themselves partying, drinking and consistently staring into the bottom of a bottle.

The count into “Holding Back” prepares us for an upbeat tune that trifles with the hesitation attached to flirting and skirting around taking things to the next level. It’s a desperate song about not wanting to screw up as Gage hopelessly belts out, “spill my drink as I walk to / spill my drink as I talk to / why can’t I just seem to be exactly what we would need.” I think we can all relate to these lyrics, having been in situations where our bodies may not be accurately representing what our minds want them to do.

“Yesterday’s Clothes” paints the picture of sweaty bodies dancing close enough that they’ve molded to one another. There is a palpable tension in the air with this song as Gage sings, “Hey / whatcha doin that for / can you do it some more.” This provoking chorus climbs from low to high resonating in our ears before carrying into, “I’m in yesterdays clothes hoping no one knows / I am beat and worn I hope it doesn’t show,” depicting that same dance floor as a battlefield. The contrasting shouting to soft-spoken vocals to end the song subtly illustrates the dangerous dance before the bedroom.

The last song on the EP, “The Way She Does,” kicks off with that typical jangly surf guitar sound that brings us through the verse until a well placed drum fill kills the vocals prepping us for the atmospheric chorus. “The way she does, is what I love,” sings Gage accompanied by falsetto background vocals that compliment his aggressive tone. The dysfunctional ending sounds like a warning alarm but there’s nothing to be worried about with this EP. It’s fun, it’s flirty and it’s free; perfect for summer.

You can find the self proclaimed dads who presumably surf at Grilledcheeseapolooza Festival in Kindersley, SK on August 18th. Make sure you listen to their new EP Summer Vacation, now available on bandcamp and iTunes!

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