July 29, 2016



The Chainsmokers are perhaps one of the most popular and well known EDM artists of this past year. After dropping a hot track with one of pop’s newest stars, Halsey, on the cusp her exclusive and provocative interview with Rolling Stone, the DJ duo is bound to have a hit on their hands.

Let’s couple that with the fact that the new song is actually really good! “Closer,” allows the duo’s (Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall) reputation for producing mega-hits like “Don’t Let me Down,” and “Roses” to remain securely in tact.

“Closer” features singer Halsey, as well as vocals from Taggart, one-half of the popular EDM partnership from New York City. The track, while fresh and exciting, treats us to the sound we know and love from The Chainsmokers. It’s a little bit melancholy, a little bit edgy, but still makes you want to dance.

Both a quest for lost love, and promise never to grow up, the song showcases Halsey and Taggart having a conversation with each other. “Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you/I drink to much and that’s an issue/but I’m okay,” sings Taggart. Halsey responds to him later on, “You look as good as the day I met you/I forget just why I left you/I was insane.” The two come together in unison at the end. “We ain’t never getting older,” they belt over another ready-made classic Chainsmokers drop.

While this track is bound to be blasted across every speaker, in every club in the near future, you can get the first listen now (below) and be sure to download on iTunes, stream on Spotify or the streaming service of your choice.

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