August 9, 2016


Last Friday, singer-songwriter and visionary Hayley Kiyoko released the first single, “Gravel to Tempo,” off her upcoming EP “Citrine”. The song is an anthem for misfits, freaks, and geeks. “I’ll do this my way/Don’t matter if I break/I gotta be on my own” she sings, then the beat drops making you want to move. The same day as the single release, Kiyoko published a music video for the song and it certainly has a fun twist. Hayley is seen up against her peers, the cool girls, and how does she deal with them? By dancing her heart out of course. Hayley is seen doing an interpretive dance more than once against these cool girls (who totally seem like they’re into it by the end). Kiyoko directed the video, as she has with her previous releases including the hit viewed more than 40 Million times “Girls Like Girls”. This new video is climbing quickly in views and some fans have dubbed her the new “Queen of the Gays”. This strong track proves Hayley is here to stay with pop anthems and videos with meaning – each piece is like a work of art. I am definitely looking forward to “Citrine” when it’s released later this year.

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