August 8, 2016


A year in the making, artist MIRIAN and producer Tayo Jacob team up for the nu debut release of “Fuck This Guy”. Her debut track is a tell-it-like-it-is song that does not hold back the realness and relatable nature of a toxic relationship. The song will premier on Vibe 105.5FM, Toronto’s Urban alternative station. MIRIAN has been active with live performances across Canada while making appearances through media platforms such at Stages Canada, CTV, Rogers TV, Access 7 and various music blogs including Canadian Beats, Live in Limbo, BID Magazine, The Scene Magazine and more.

MIRIAN’s vision of making music to break the mould has finally come to fruition with this release, breaking boundaries with a genre that’s hard to pinpoint. She isn’t quite urban but her music certainly draws from urban influences. She isn’t “poppy” but her songs are written in a pop-like manner. She isn’t R&B/Soul/Jazz/Folk but her voice is inspired by powerhouse vocalists like Lauryn Hill, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks and Jill Scott. Stemming from her Syrian/Jordanian cultural roots, world music creates a unique influence alongside undertones of electronic, hip-hop, blues and folk. Look out for new music over the next couple of months and keep in touch with Mirian at and @missmirianmusic.

Download “Fuck This Guy” now!

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