August 10, 2016


nu caught up with Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution to talk about progressive hip-hop, new material, and life influences. The young Brooklyn rappers are making noise as apart of Pro Era, an indie hip hop collective that also includes JoeyBada$$, and with their own solo projects. Not only did the the two pair up for TIME festival’s OVERTime stage, but they gave one of the most memorable performances of the day. Here’s what we learned from Kirk and Nyck.

Can you guys tell me a little bit about where you’re from and what got you into this scene?

Kirk Knight: I’m from Park Side, you know right by Prospect Park, born and raised.

Nyck Caution: I’m from Mill Basin, Brooklyn.

So you also work with Joey Bada$$ and also with just the two of you, as you were today. Can you tell me about that project?

Knight: Well we work with Pro-Era in general. Yeah, we’re just creating a whole bunch of music right now. Now that me and Nyck have projects out, we get to tour together and be on the same bill. But different sets, and really preach the message of Pro Era being progressive and stuff in different ways. So that’s basically what we’re focusing on, and then re-vamping the whole style and back on my shit.

Are you guys on tour right now?

Knight: Um, nah, we’re doing festivals, ‘cause you know it’s festival season, so it’s like a whole bunch of spot dates and stuff like that.

Where else could we see you guys?

Knight: I was on the Smokers Club Tour that ended like three weeks ago, but I was on that all summer. He [Caution] was was doing stuff with A$AP Ferg overseas. But, uh, we don’t have that much planned for the rest of the summer, but we’re working on a lot of new plans for next year, and the year after that. Definitely some, Beast Coast 2017/2018, you know? Something like that.

Should we look forward to new music?

Knight: Yeah, for sure. I mean there’s gonna be new Pro Era music, new Kirk music, new Nyck music, new Joey music, CJ-Fly finished his project, Chuck Strangers- everybody. There’s new music from everybody.

Where can we find the music?

Knight: Soundcloud. But we’re gonna try and get it on everything- on Tidal, Spotify, all that.

Do you have any big influences you could cite for us? Either right now, or growing up.

Knight: Growing up, I can say, Madlib. That was my favourite from the get go. Premo. Flying Lotus for sure. I could never forget Flying Lotus.

Caution: I would say Jeff Hardy, the wrestler, Jeffy Hardy. Seriously … that dude is just like- his whole style, his whole thing, the hair, the Swanton, everything, his whole shit, him. He’s one of my biggest influences. I like Russel Westbrook a lot, he’s a big influence. I don’t like to just take influence from music, ‘cause I like to see people that are really good at what they do, and they just have a lot of passion in what they do, so, those are two of my biggest influences in life, so, hell yeah man.

When can we expect the next Pro Era album?

Caution: It’s in the works, man, it’s definitely in the works. We kind of all wanted to get our feet in the door, like, solo wise. Like, he [Knight] dropped a project, I dropped a project, CJ dropped a project, everyone wants to drop their own project, and then we’re all gonna come back full circle to drop another Pro-Era project.

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