August 19, 2016


Swedish folk singer Kristian Mattson, otherwise known as The Tallest Man on Earth, has returned after the success of last year’s debut LP, Dark Bird is Home. In June he released Time of Blue” and yesterday followed up with the new single “Rivers.”

The song opens with a beautiful guitar intro, a pretty melody hopping and skipping over divots created by Mattson’s skilled finger-picking. The tune is melancholic and simultaneously uplifting as it tells a story about lost love. It feels honest and raw, as if an insight into Mattson’s very heart and soul. The slight rasp in his voice, the softness of his falsetto and the spoken quiet at the end of a verse; it resonates with you and this inexplicable bond is formed between artists and listener unknowingly.

Mattson poetically forms his words into a stunning melody that captures your attention, “This is the fire of leaving things when our love is gone but the need remains, into the shivering cold of day when the house is gone but the street remains, I guess it’s true, I guess these rivers never knew.” I recommend lighting a candle, sitting in the dark and letting “Rivers” wash over you. Close your eyes and experience the feelings that only music and art can evoke.

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