August 19, 2016


Just four-tracks deep, and the 24-year old singer-songwriter has made her TV debut, taken over radio waves, and cultivated a following on streaming services. Now going by the name Bishop Briggs, (originally Bishop), after the birthplace of her parents, the singer has made a splash in the indie-alternative scene. Her recent single “River,” is a no-holds back, rock/synth track that will grab your attention and leave you asking for more. Lucky for us, Bishop Briggs is just getting started!

With an electric background, the young singer has cultivated a bold and unique style. Her first release “Wild Horses,” is a testament to her voice as a strong female. The song is a mix between heavy synth pop and alt-rock. “Wild Horses” gives us a good first taste of the Bishop Briggs attitude, an attitude that hits at full force in her hit, “River”.

You can catch her performance of “River,” and TV debut on Jimmy Fallon here:

“The Way I Do,” and her latest single, “Pray (Empty Gun),” give us a further sense of what kind of artist Bishop Briggs is becoming.

“The Way I Do,” is soulful at times, but includes the electronic elements and hard beats that allow her sound to transcend genres.

On “Pray (Empty Gun),” a softer track, the singer belts over trap beats and a bass line that has a heartbeat of it’s own.

You can hear the music of Bishop Briggs on the streaming service of your choice.

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