August 31, 2016


From the moment Grace VanderWaal stepped on the America’s Got Talent stage and started to sing I was in awe. She is only 12 years old and auditioned with an original song that amazed the audience and the judges. She was so good that the judges sent her straight through to the live shows, and Simon Cowell even dubbed her the next Taylor Swift.

You can check out her audition video below:

She continues to impress the world with her cute and quirky personality, and her original and captivating lyrics and music on America’s Got Talent. She recently performed another original titled, ‘Light the Sky’, which you can see here;

It is truly amazing how someone so young can come up with these impressive lyrics and melodies all by themselves, and have such control of their voice. Whether she wins the show or not, this girl is going to be a star, so remember her name.


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