September 1, 2016


Nick Cave is one of the most eerily brilliant artists to cross our paths in the last 30-odd years. After countless albums with his band the Bad Seeds, weirdo novels, and impressive movie scores, the musician refuses to lighten up on his fiendish persona. The singer-songwriter, now 58, is as cryptic a story-teller as ever. We get the first taste of the classic Cave sound of symphonic poetry in his latest release, “Jesus Alone.”

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds have promised us more than just a new album this fall. As a precursor to the LP, Skeleton Tree, the band will release a film entitled “One More Time With Feeling,” featuring the album’s music. Directed by Andrew Dominik, “One More Time With Feeling,” will not only explore the creation of the new album, but also the mysterious undertones that went into it. You can watch it at select theatres across the world on September 8th.

Check out the trailer for “One More Time With Feeling” here:

In the mean time, Cave has given us a sneak peak into the film and music with his video for “Jesus Alone.” The black-and-white video features Cave set behind a piano, singing lyrics as is he were reciting poetry. Around the enigmatic singer, is a string section guided by the intense direction of their conductor. Weird sounds echo throughout the studio as the production team watches the magic unfold from behind the mixing board. “With my voice, I am calling you,” Cave sings throughout the song, slowing building in both power and distress.

As if nothing else should be expected from the artist, we are enveloped by the man’s ghostly imagination, sucking us into the subconscious of Cave’s chilling song.

Watch the video for “Jesus Alone” here:

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