September 7, 2016


If we can count on one country for producing club-ready hits, it’s Sweden. The young pop vocalist, Zara Larsson is no exception to the rule. With her new track, “Ain’t My Fault,” the 18-year old follows up on big hits like “Never Forget You,” and “Lush Life.”

Larsson has made a name for herself working with major EDM powerhouses like David Guetta and Tinie Tempah. But the singer, who won Sweden’s Got Talent at age ten, proves that she can stand as her own artist as well.

Her new single, “Ain’t My Fault,” is a fiery track about ‘the other woman.’ In the song, Larsson gets caught with someone else’s boyfriend, but denies any of the blame. Instead she boasts herself as being the better option. “It ain’t my fault you came looking here like that … I don’t mean to be rude, but I look so damn good on ya,” she sings. While the message seemingly promotes a nasty catfight, the young artist claims that the lyrics portray more of a fictional character than her real personality. She promises listeners that while she may sing some pretty ruthless lines, she would never actually say these things in real life.

Zara Larsson gives us a taste of her edgy, bad girl side, and while it may not be her authentic persona, she continues to produce catchy pop tunes.

You can hear “Ain’t My Fault” here:

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