September 11, 2016


A ways back, K.I.D (Kids in Despair), an up-in-coming garage pop band from Mississauga, played Embrace’s TIME Festival. After their set, the team at nu got the chance to meet Kara (vocals), and Bobby (keyboard/vocals), of the band and chat a bit about what it’s like being in K.I.D. Not only did we get some great stories from the duo, we also found out they are pretty funny!

nu: I just want to start by having you guys introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about the K.I.D. experience.

Bobby: We’re K.I.D. We’re from Mississauga, Ontario, which is a small suburb – it’s actually not that small, it’s pretty big. I’ve been asleep for most of my life so I haven’t noticed the kind of growth.

Kara: We don’t remember how we met.

Bobby: Or how the band formed.

nu: I’ve read that you go by the title of being “siblings,” how did that come to be?

Bobby: Well everyone knows we’re not brother and sister at this point. But, we pretty much are. It’s a more accurate descriptive of our relationship I think than to tell people we just like, met at Burger King.

Kara: Hmm … that’s pretty accurate.

Bobby: (Laughs) Even though that does say a lot as well. Yeah, no. We’re not biologically related, but people thought we were for such a long time, and would always ask us on the train. So we just started rolling with it. But the jig is up.

nu: Can you tell me a bit about the EP cover, because I know there is a good story behind that?

Kara: Yes, the EP cover is my Auntie, my Auntie Maureen.

Bobby: Isn’t she sexy?

Kara: Yeah, we just captured her in her, y’know, natural environment. She is always wearing a robe, she’s chain-smoking. I’ve never seen someone- like she is like, there’s never not with a cigarette in her mouth. Yeah, we just thought she was just a very- thought it’d be a great motif.

Bobby: She kind of embodies what the band is about.

nu: Does she like having that role?

Bobby: She loves it! She’s in our upcoming music video too.

Kara: She doesn’t get out much. She doesn’t realize, like how important she is to us.

Bobby: If you ever call Maureen with bad news, you don’t have to say, “Maureen, sit down,” because she’s always sitting down.

Kara: She has, like, in her couch- my family calls it “the toilet”, because, she sits in this one spot and chain-smokes and watches golf, and it’s, like, created this, like, dent in the couch. They call it “the toilet”.

Bobby: I bet you wanted to know that.

(Laughs) It’s an interesting story!

Kara: Yeah, so you should call her up and hang out with her. She’s a good time.

nu: Speaking of stories, you are pretty visceral with your lyrics, a lot of really emotional stuff. Is that autobiographical? Is it inspired by your lives?

Bobby: Yeah. They say you should write what you know. Which is why we don’t have any songs about being successful, (laughs), or confident. Or having boyfriends.

nu: Well there are definitely a few tracks that are about someone, or so it seems. Have you ever written a song about a guy or a girl, and have had them call you out on it, and been like, “hey, that wasn’t very nice.”

Kara: Never been called out …

Bobby: I mean, I think if you’re in a garage band in the suburbs, you’re gonna write a song about a dude, or a chick, I think it’s a right of passage. But, I don’t think our songs have gotten popular enough yet, that anyone’s had to call us …

Kara: Stay tuned!

Bobby: Stay tuned … we’ll see. I mean, the album hasn’t come yet.

nu: When are we to be expecting the album?

Kara: Top of next year!

Bobby: But the first single will be out this month, August.

nu: Changing the tone a little bit, let me ask you guys, in a world where there’s currently a lot of indie-pop, garage rock out, how do you guys think you stand out from everyone else?

Bobby: Hmm … I mean …

Kara: We’re definitely a little bit more fucked up than most bands.

Bobby: Yeah … We probably wear less deodorant. Maybe brush our teeth less.

Kara: I think there’s more humility.

Bobby: We probably steal more pharmaceuticals from AirBnB’s than other artists. You got it here first. We steal pharmaceuticals from AirBnB’s. And Kraft- you know those slices of Kraft processed cheese- those squares? The last AirBnB we stayed in, when we got to the AirBnB, the guy was like, “Uh, don’t eat my food,” but there were 15 slices of processed Cheese in that fridge. And guess how many there were when we left!

Kara and Bobby: (make the 0 sign with their hands).

Kara: I also made his pasta.

Bobby: Oh, yeah, his pasta was so good. Thanks for your pasta Omar. We gave you a high rating!

nu: So do you guys have a favourite place to play in Toronto, or Mississauga?

Kara: We played Rancho Relaxo, which doesn’t exist anymore. That was one of our favourite shows, because it was very much our aesthetic. It was like a dirty, Mexican restaurant. No AC. Lot’s of bodies.

Bobby: We smelt like urine and enchilada for six weeks after (laughs).

nu: What would make a really great crowd for your band when performing?

Kara: Hot men.

Bobby: Dressing room blow jobs.

Kara: That’s not a crowd …

Bobby: Don’t box me in!

(During their set, the band introduced their final song by telling the audience it was about some heavy political issues. And then laughed it off, saying it was actually about sexual activity.)

nu: I really liked how you guys went from political reform to sexuality. Is that a good Segway? How did you come up with that?

Bobby: (Laughs) How do we come up with anything? We always try and plan what were going to say in the show, but then we always end up saying something … dumber …

Kara: … That’s gonna be more offensive.

nu: What was the longest trip you guys have had to take?

Bobby: Amman, Jordan.

Kara: We went to Jordan, in the Middle East. We played this like strange …

Bobby: This like, rich private school hired us to play their prom, sort of.

Kara: They had a leadership conference, and they got like, a crazy budget to bring a band out. And we were like, “Excuse me, why us?” And they flew us out, we played the show, we stayed in this like, amazing villa, ate a lot of food. Our show was probably terrible. They probably hated it. They probably regretted the decision.

nu: What level are you guys in Pokemon go?

(Kara is wearing a Pikachu back pack)

Kara: I actually don’t [play], I’m an old school Pokemon girl. I just don’t have the data, I don’t have the time.

Bobby: Exactly, like I wanna get the app, but there’s no room left on the phone, with Grindr, and UberEats, and Grindr, and Growler, and UberEats (laughs).

Since the interview, the duo released the first single from their upcoming album, Errors. The song is anthemic but not in the way you’d expect. It’s about not being able to live your life due to a crippling depression. Though the lyrics are dark and sad, they’re juxtaposed with uplifting production that consists of instruments and synths layered together to create a track that is extremely relatable. The chorus is certainly one that you’ll be singing along to: “There’s an error in me/da da da da.”

Previously, K.I.D released their debut EP in 2015 on Universal Music Canada, which was recorded in their basement. Their debut EP features the popular single “I Wish I Was Your Cigarette.” Their debut album is due out soon and was produced by Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys). Catch K.I.D live in Toronto on September 20th at The Drake Hotel Underground.

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