September 10, 2016


Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha makes a surprise appearance on the music scene with his aggressive and heavy track, “digging for windows.” The alt-hip hop legend, who has been an absentee from our recent playlists, with only a few rare exceptions (he released the under popularized EP with One Day as a Lion and was a feature on Run the Jewels’ monster hit, “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)”) has seemingly kicked back into full force with a new solo project.

The new LP, set to be released sometime next year, is said to be star-studded, with a line-up including Questlove and DJ Shadow. The first release, “digging for windows,” is produced by Run the Jewels’ EP-I, and packs the same punch that we expect to hear from the hip hop duo.

After the controversial stir from Tom Morello’s semi-revival of Rage Against the Machine with Prophets of Rage, fans were left feeling nostalgic of the hard-hitting, political stylings of rapper, de la Rocha. With a voice recognizable to rock and hip hop fans alike, “digging for windows,” promises that the 46-year old vocalist has not lost his edge. Coupled with EP-I’s heavy production, the track is the closest semblance to classic Rage jams that we’ve heard from Zack de la Rocha in a long time.

While the announcement of a new de la Rocha album was reported on EP-I’s Twitter just a few days ago, we can be sure to enjoy this surge of energy from the long lost rapper and hope that the rest to come echoes the same kind of visceral intensity.

You can stream “digging for windows,” or listen to the track here:

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