September 15, 2016


“We are Dead!” announces singer Alex Mountford before the band breaks into an edgy punk-rock anthem. It’s not something you hear an artist say everyday. In fact, it’s so utterly basic, given that the band is called Dead!, that it’s sort of ingenious. This kind of ironic humour is the type of branding that the 4-piece band (Mountford, Sam Matlock, Louis Matlock, Sam Chappell) from London, England are going for. While at times they may protest the idea that they are striving for originality, they certainly bring something exciting to the table.

Speaking of originality, the band’s latest release, “Something More Original,” plays upon this very idea. As the band describes it, the track is “not breaking any new ground with our sound,” but simply put, the boys, “don’t care.” They’re not afraid to show off the influences that the British punk-rock scene has had on them. Nor do they shy away from acting like a punk band should.

Part of the rockers’ clever branding is their no holds back attitude, their willingness to think outside of the box, and their reputation for pulling stunts that we rarely witness in rock music anymore. They play shows in unexpected venues. They make and release their own, often raucous videos, showcasing the bandmates throwing themselves across the stage. In their new video for “Something More Original,” the musicians are seen creating chaos in the confines of a living room. Exploits such as these have seen positive reactions from a growing fan base, which have been dubbed “The Damned Restless Future” by the band themselves. Already loyal to Dead!, the fans are given special alerts and news about the boys, but most of all, get to become apart of a collective that is deeply appreciated by the band.

As for the Dead! sound, something often underplayed, the music shares some commonalities with other bands, but does not subscribe to one genre in particular. Dead! has been compared to everyone from My Chemical Romance to The 1975, and while there may be some common ground between these artists, the band approaches the punk scene with their own style. They’ve harnessed the rock ’n’ roll gold that many may have forgotten about, adding hard hitting elements of post-hardcore punk, and upbeat tempos of new age indie-pop.

If this sound and image isn’t apparent from their previously released singles, very creative merchandising and notoriously thrilling live shows, the band hits hard with “Something More Original.” As a salute to classic English rock ’n’ roll songwriting, the track and video provide a good representation for Dead!

You can watch “Something More Original,” here:

Or check out the band performing live for Vevo DSCVR here:

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