September 16, 2016


A.M. (real name “Akeele Morgan”) comes with straight bars. No vocal melody, no singing a few lines here and there (the latest fad) just in the pocket, in the zone type bars. First reference that comes to my mind is a New Era sound, his cadence even somewhat resembling Capital Steez (Rest In Paradise).

In “Dusty”, Akeele explains the life of living a difficult upbringing, and how he had all the tools too live the life of one coming up in a rough area. The “here today, popped n’ gone tomorrow” life style. Yet he spits lyrics such as “broke but creative we doing a whole bunch of shit”, and “runnin with the older n***a’s that was running it.. but they ain’t show me I had other gifts” speaking to his lyrical skills and capability to put himself further in life by different means.

At 18 he had a friend serving 5 years, an ordeal that seemingly pushed him further towards committing to Hip hop as his way of success in life. Having seen his friend go through that led to his decision too intern at ‘Hot97’, which only added fuel too his fire. Him and his neighbourhood friend “T-bonez” (Real name Taiheem Wentt) then started a movement called RnR. “Roaches and Rats” describing the environment they were brought up in, in the South Bronx.

His dreams are to be living the large life and too take his day 1’s with him. An ambition no one real could hate. His route is through Hip hop, and no one can say he doesn’t sound “New York”. He’s got a lot of potential, and will be on the nu radar in the future.

#urban #amdusty

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