September 17, 2016


Ever wonder if there is any good conscious rap left?

“Watch this, read that

Human or a race horse,

What we win that race for?

If it’s still a race war..”

His verse’s bars are quotable from the beginning to the hook. He speaks on the music he creates being for the future generations, and how he plans on being apart of the change. He mentions his rough upbringing and how he and a lot of others are put into unfortunate situations from the beginning and left to fend for themselves.

His delivery is enjoyable, which is a relief. So many with great messages tend too not sound as appealing. TREE doesn’t sacrifice dopeness for consciousness, nor vice versa. The message is clear, commendable, and catchy.

You stop listening to this song and press replay. You learn when you listen to this kinda shit. The hook is banging too, I almost feel guilty bobbing my head in enjoyment when he’s saying the realest truth’s ever.

And of course, as any solid project full of awareness should, it ends off with a sample from the late great George Carlin, speaking the poetic truth “They’ve [the gov’] got you by the balls”.

Props to TREE THOMAS and his camp, we at nu are stoked to see whats in store for these guys.

See the video for Slave Ship below:

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