September 18, 2016


Rozes leaves nothing unsaid. She is always very straight forward with her music, honesty being the key to her fans being able to relate to her.

With this single “Under The Grave” Rozes explains her lack of emotional availability to those closest to her; “A world apart” as she puts it. She admits too taking her loved ones for granted and let’s us all know she’s working on it, in an emotional and powerful performance.

Rozes is any producers dream. She’s got a solid voice, great style, and an attitude that is destined for this industry. Having seen her live and meeting her afterwards, I can personally say it’s not her engineers “magic” as much as her skill. No offence to her engineer. She really does have that clean and powerful sounding of a vocal. (Everyone who saw her live had the pleasure of enjoying this tune early) Plus she is a complete sweetheart and gives off a very warm, approachable vibe. Needless to say, I own some of her merch.

I’m a fan of Rozes the human, and Rozes the artist. “Under The Grave” is just another testimony to her being real, humble, and talented. As she’s said, her life is up and down and her music reflects which stages she’s at emotionally. I’m all for her emotional rollercoasters when they keep churning out awesome tracks like this.

nu knows about her, and won’t be forgetting about her any time soon.

Looking forward too everything to come Rozes!

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