September 21, 2016


Red Rosamond reveals her sultry new single “Looks Can Kill.” Her, strong mature voice followed by the familiar James Bond reminiscent twang of the guitar suggest this could be Red’s own spy theme song. While I found the drums to be a little redundant, the other aspects of the tune tie together nicely to create a seductive track that teases a potential love story.

In conjunction with the spy theme this song is a female anthem for a night out with friends. Getting ready, looking your best and exuding confidence is what I associate with this song. “East or West, baby high or low trouble takes you down a crooked road, if you’re looking for a thrill don’t you know that looks could kill,” Red proclaims hinting at a “you can look but don’t touch” dynamic threatening anything more.

The entire song packs a punch until the end and effectively represents the fact that Red Rosamond is a bombshell with a powerful voice that is not to be underestimated.

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