September 21, 2016


Tessa Violet released the first single “Dream” off her upcoming EP “Halloway” last Friday. The song is about being so in love with someone but not being able to have them – only in your dreams. The instrumental arrangement is definitely fitting with dreamy sounds that take you to another place. Tessa’s brand of pop involves metaphors and clever lyrics, with memorable melodies and unique instrumental combinations. The video for Dream was also released and it features stunning visuals including Tessa as a marble statue and seen throughout many intricately designed rooms or places that compliment the songs intentions well. The visual effects are clever and really creative and extremely well done. Halloway is the follow up EP to Tessa’s 2014 debut album, Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled, and will be released in October. Tessa began sharing her life on YouTube overseas as school project in 2008 under the username MeekaKitty.

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