September 23, 2016


Following his big Polaris Prize win, Kaytranada dropped a mixtape titled “0.001%” on Soundcloud, referencing his recent successful album, “99%.”

The mixtape doesn’t include a tracklist, however it’s worth the full listen. According to his Twitter, the mixtape is “Strictly for Kaytranada fans,” which is clearly demonstrated from track to track. Featuring his own past work as well as remixes of Usher, Chance The Rapper and Janet Jackson, “0.001%” covers all the bases in classic Kaytranada style.

Seeing that the initial release didn’t include the tracklist, many fans are asking about its whereabouts via Twitter. Kaytranada acknowledged their questions in a tweet, but has yet to say whether or not we’ll get an official list or not. Based on the popularity of “0.001%” amongst fans and how diverse it is, it’s safe to assume a fan-made list will start circulating for those of us who want names to our favourite tracks.

Make sure to check out “0.001%” from start to finish on Soundcloud.

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