September 24, 2016


The Toronto based, quirky band The Nursery release another flamboyant and sarcastic tune, “Everybody’s Famous.” The group, led by singer and frontman, Alex Pulec, is an eclectic mix of your parents record collection from the 1980’s and new age post-modern indie rock. It’s a little bit spacey, a little bit trippy, and most importantly, doesn’t neglect to add a few catchy hooks here and there. The new single represents this kind of “out of box” sound Pulec has so far captured in their previous releases. Don’t expect anything short of inventive from The Nursery.

Listening to “Everybody’s Famous” feels like a celebrity acid trip, one where, as a civilian, you don’t quite belong. Perhaps the lyricism gives way to this imagery: “Everybody’s famous except me,” sings Alex, outrightly commenting on the band’s obscure status. At times the song is fast paced, with an indie back beat driven by a quick roll of the high-hat and rhythmic guitar riff. Other times the song slows down, providing listeners with an outer space-like alternate reality.

The band, known for their colourful, neon imagery, and often bizarre music videos, also represents their Toronto background proudly. Pulec and bandmate Victor Ess originally attended York university for music. Finding their niche elsewhere in the musical landscape, the boys formed The Nursery. You can now catch the fun-loving, weirdo punk band at local concert venues around the city.

Check listen to “Everybody’s Famous,” as well as some of their other tunes here:

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