September 26, 2016


Bitter’s Kiss, the musical vehicle of the young singer-songwriter, Chloe Baker has released a new song that demonstrates that her content transcends her age. The single, “My God,” speaks volumes about religion on a global demographic. Using peaceful melodies, and a geographically diverse music video, the singer discusses the irony in the world’s understanding of God and religion. With each character representing a different belief system, who can argue that one is better or more real than the other?

Chloe Barker, while only a teenager, has already demonstrated that she has her own voice. After growing up surrounded by music, and working with her father in his production studio, the New Jersey native has crafted a delicately haunting sound. While Barker does not stray far from the indie-pop, singer-songwriter sound, she makes it her own through a hopeful take on real life issues. Tracks like, “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” showcase her airy vocals and optimistic views of passion and heartache. “The Rope,” allows her to pull us in to something a little bit darker, and daunting in the sense that such a mature sound has surpassed the singer’s age.

In “My God,” Barker continues the trend of proposing mature and thought provoking concepts. Her quant vocals carry over into this track, allowing her to promote her message without discriminating against any religion she may be speaking of. Her soft voice finds its power in her lyricism and strong imagery used throughout the video. The globally diverse theme serves a larger purpose: Barker is commenting on the horrific acts of injustice that occur through religion. She speaks to how this diversity should prevent violence, rather than encourage it.

“My God” is an important piece in the Bitter’s Kiss discography. It allows listeners to hear something slightly more controversial from the artist. You can watch the video for the track here:

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