September 28, 2016


J Sutta dropped her dreamy track “Distortion” this past week. The former Pussycat Doll has two singles out in preparation for her album “I Say Yes.” The newest single, “Distortion” is fun, upbeat and poppy. This dance track pulls you in with it’s hyper beat and then Sutta’s voice is layered in, making it feel like you’re in the club with her – her voice all around you. Yet, as the title suggests, the distortions put onto her voice make her sound miles away. The production of this song elevates the track, emphasizing the beat that puts you in a hypnotic daze, drawing a crowd to the dance floor. “Distortion” has a catchy hook and a great beat, it’s the ideal soundtrack for a good night out.

Buy or stream “Distortion”on your favourite music service provider here.

#jsuttadistortion #indiepop

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