September 27, 2016


In SAIGO’s single “The Other”, an ambient “Majid Jordan” sounding vocal sits inside this easy going, simple (yet not simple) drum track. Nothing too busy. Leaving the vocals as the appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

This song gives you the “something went rotten in the fridge” face while you’re sitting back in the most chill state ever. The sounds implemented into this song are such drops of goodness. The layers in the snare alone let you know it’s gotten more work put into it than a simple sample, yet it doesn’t take over the overall project.

Described by SAIGO as “electronic soul”, this is going to be one of my personal favourite sounds moving forward. The production carries elements of so many well paired flavours and characteristics, like a dish at a Michelin star restaurant.

SAIGO’s got the vibes for so many different collaborations with so many huge names. I can see Childish Gambino on this, Logic, Cole and, of course, Drake would sound great on a record like this as well.

What do you guys think? Check out “The Other” below.

#urban #saigotheother

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