September 28, 2016


The Comedown, an R&B/ rock band from just outside of Salt Lake City, are gaining attention for their debut EP “Doubt,” which came out August 2016. Their careers started growing when they posted a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” on YouTube, reaching over a million views. The third song on their EP, called “Roses” shows their Indie and Pop Punk influences. The Pop Punk can mostly be heard in their voices, which have that very particular early 2000s sound to them. They definitely have a heavier edge in a lot of their other songs, but “Roses” relies more on Indie sounds, on top of a dance/ pop beat. There is also a brief rap in the middle of the song, which fits in with the Top 40s vibe of the song. The song is catchy and has a singable melody; after listening to it once you’ll be able to sing along with the “go smell the roses” refrain, which is always good for a pop song.

Listen Here:

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