September 28, 2016


The music video opens in a homicidal scene where The Weeknd is viciously suffocated by a masked man. It is soon revealed that this villainous murderer is actually The Weeknd himself with a fresh new haircut. As the video continues, this new character sets out to destroying all previous awards, trophies, and accomplishments won by the older version of himself with the use of a red light saber version of a cross. After a sequence of dance and destruction, the video concludes with the new “The Weeknd” driving off in a fancy car with a black jaguar in the passenger seat. The video could be interpreted as a metaphor for the transformation that The Weeknd is experiencing as he moves away from a past self towards a new Starboy form.

The song Starboy, featuring Daftpunk, is the first single to come from The Weeknd’s upcoming LP. The lyrics are somewhat shallow, talking about “ivory lines”, money, and cars, which seems to fit with the fact that his music has obviously shifted to a more “radio-friendly” style in recent times. One, however, cannot deny the strength of The Weeknd’s voice, which has dominated the sound of his music from the beginning. We look forward to hearing more from this new The Weeknd on his upcoming LP Starboy which is scheduled to be released on November 25th, 2016.

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