October 1, 2016


The Montreal MC enters the Kato #NoSuckaMCs4 competition, summoning his inner beast once again. As we’ve previously stated, he’s emphatic with the punch lines. Now he has a song specifically made to show off his best feature. No better time to do so than to impress the likes of Kato!

Full of dope punch lines and altering deliveries, his energy is consistent with that of a man who’s on a mission. The production I’ll stay away from because obviously many others are using the same instrumental for the competition (Obviously Kato killed it). As for the vocals, they were clean, consistent, and came with the relevant references too keep it fresh.

There’s no telling who’s gonna win the competition as a few contestants have some solid entry’s. Last years winner, Token, has seen a lot of success following his win, so Spity is in for some great things if he gets the nod. He has what it takes, it’s just a matter of more people supporting some solid Canadian talent.

#spitykatocompetition #urban

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