October 3, 2016


After the craze The Chainsmokers received off of their summer megahit, “Closer,” the electronic duo release the single, “All We Know.” The producers, while still without a full length album to their name, have managed to cement a loyal following via a steady stream of single releases. Each track represents a specific sound we have come to know and love from The Chainsmokers, but the boys always manage to keep their songs fresh and unique.

“All We Know” features the soft and beautiful voice of Phoebe Ryan. Unlike some of the previous singles, the track is delicate and does not introduce any intense drops. While it may not be as club ready as “Don’t Let Me Down,” the song offers a more soothing take on dance music. Opening with a fluid guitar riff and a soft back-beat of snaps, Ryan sings along with Andrew Taggert, one half of the pop duo. The lyrics discuss the hardships of relationships; they confront these issues with passion and commitment. “We’re falling apart, still we hold together/We’ve passed the end, so we chase forever/‘Cause this is all we know,” sing Ryan and Taggart in unison.

As another catchy pop song from the duo emerges, fans may still wonder if a full length LP is within reach. The Chainsmokers have commented on this speculation many times over social media outlets, and while one is not currently in the works, they are looking to their fans for direction. If you’re a Chainsmokers follower, and want an album from the producers, they want to hear about it!

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