October 3, 2016


Blue Water Highway Band has released the single, “Speaking of the Devil” and a creative video to go along with it. The band, a rockabilly, bluegrass group, features great harmonies and captivating songwriting from band members, Zack Kibodeaux and Greg Essington. Working with producer David Butler and Grammy winning engineer Vance Powell, Blue Water Highway has released a single with a catchy chorus and an authentic rootsy sound.

“Speaking of the Devil” is everything you could want from a blue grass jam. It’s witty, uplifting and is a great representation of the enthusiasm the band is known for. The video to go along with the track serves in part as a lyric video, but also as a creative piece of performance art from the band.

In the video, the musicians perform on stage with various props and a door that splits the stage in half. On one side there is a chalk board, and on the other a chair, a small table, and a few other household items. Some of the members write the lyrics to the song on the chalk board, while others sing and play along. On the other side of the door, singer Zack Kibodeaux sits, brooding and singing about his relationship. He begins fighting with another character, bandmate Catherine Clark, who poses as the devil. The rest of the video features the struggle between the male lead and the she-devil, the she-devil seemingly winning in the end. She takes over her victim’s chair to steal a glass of wine and smirk at the audience as the lights go out.

The video is just one glance into the creative and entertaining world of Blue Water Highway Band. The group has also been known for posting videos of live performances they film while driving in their van. Also known as a committed touring band, the group has stirred up a lot of attention both online and across the United States.

You can watch the video for “Speaking of the Devil” here:

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