October 4, 2016


Although it is Monday, Bravestation’s new single “13th Floor” will help you escape any kind of post-weekend slump you might be experiencing.

The band based out of Toronto have recently spoken about their blooming appreciation and love of disco music and in how disco has come to influence them in the creation and the production of their new single “13th Floor”. Their music regularly feels funky and energetic coming as an effect of heavily used synth, and “13th Floor” is no different. The new song is fun and flirty, with a narrative which follows a new and blossoming love story. A metaphor in the story is established by the “13th floor” in the song symbolizing a place full of mystery and exciting new adventure. “Everyone wants to experience something new and go somewhere they’ve never been. “13th Floor” is us exploring that desire and trying to find our own surreal and exciting space” was how band member, Devin Wilson, described the idea behind the song.

Bravestation continue to create incredibly catchy and uplifting music which falls into the genre of new wave disco. Listen to the “disco casual” new single from Bravestation, “13th Floor”

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