October 5, 2016


Organic. I’m super passionate about this sound right here. Destiny Roberts is the female version of no one else, ever. She’s got a great flow, personable lyrics, and an extremely positive message. The best part about her is that when she says things like “sometimes shit sucks but you ain’t gotta swallow, free your mind and everything will follow”.. it doesn’t sound corny. Her positive message isn’t skewed so you can’t possibly get it twisted. I was hesitant at first when the featured artist Nsikak began, only because Destiny was so dope that I didn’t want her role in the song to end, but he didn’t disappoint. His delivery was at par with the rest of the song, and he came with the right energy to make the song complete.

Destiny puts her eggs in the right basket with this one. Positive vibes, good music, prosperous future. \

nu music is a must from this woman. Looking forward to whats to come!

#destinyrobertsfreeyourmind #urban

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