October 5, 2016


Just under two months after Hayley Kiyoko released Gravel to Tempo, comes her new EP Citrine and it does not disappoint. Filled with pop jams, the EP proves Hayley’s talent. She sticks with her brand of queer pop by being honest with her lyrics featuring same gender pronouns and stories of girl & girl love. The EP opens with Gravel to Tempo, an anthem for doing your own thing, then moves to Ease My Mind, a song about being so enthralled with someone, needing them so bad. Next comes Pretty Girl, a slower song about wanting a girl to be yours. One Bad Night is about feeling like a person makes you want to be bad, in a good way by doing things you might normally not do. Palace ends the EP with a track that seems to be about a breakup but leaving with good thoughts about that person. This EP has more of a band sound, and each track leads into the other via a sound byte of either something industrial or natural – Citrine takes you on a journey to this place in Hayley’s mind, each song showing off a different part. You can catch Hayley Kiyoko on The One Bad Night Tour this November.

Stream EP on Apple and Spotify:

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