October 7, 2016


DUCKWRTH is wholly aware of the beauty of artistry and he takes advantage of opportunities where he can express himself through art in plenty of forms. His career passes fluidly through multiple artistic disciplines. Aside from his already successful and growing musical career, he also directs visual videos, he works in photography, and he contributes as a hugely talented graphic designer to the art collective, ThemHellas along with having his own graphic design company BluuDragon. You might also recognize his face from his various modeling campaigns for companies like the clothing brand Rare Panther, which happens to be featured in the title of the song “Rare Panther + Beach House” from his newest EP “I’M UUGLY.”

With an EP titled “I’M UUGLY”, DUCKWRTH chose to explore the whole idea of “beauty” within society and how something different or “ugly” can actually be what is beautiful simply due to its uniqueness and speciality. With that being said, DUCKWRTH projects quite a lovely and appealing aesthetic in his videos and artwork with the use of a lot of bright colours. He also uses visuals that play with the mind’s curiosity and imagination. With the release of his most recent EP this September, he paired every song with an original piece of artwork.

In an interview with Earmilk he described his sound as being “the love child of Pharrell and Andre 3000.” The EP pairs elements of hip hop, rap, dance, and various other genres ever so seamlessly. The song “Rare Panther + Beach House” is groovy and sexy. It’s a pastel world that explores human nature and love, where passion intertwines with happiness and despair, while never ceasing to remain catchy and in tune.

DUCKWRTH successfully explores the disturbingly beautiful side of life in his music and art.

Watch the video for “Rare Panther + Beach House” below:

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