October 7, 2016


Personally, I’m a very lyrics oriented person and when I deconstruct a song I like to write out the lyrics as I hear them and squeeze out my own interpretation so when asked to review “Indimellum” by SANT I didn’t know how well I would be able to get its message across seeing as I don’t speak Danish. However, the more I listened to the Danish outfits haunting sound the more I realized words are not the only way to communicate a message. Since the caveman days sounds and symbols were the primary tools for conveying one’s thoughts and although there is a language barrier between SANT and myself I still feel connected and engaged in their music.

The aesthetic session is brought to us as part of the Tapetown Live Singles release in Aarhus, Denmark. The progressive musicality and forward drive that is explicitly made clear throughout this song especially emerges during the chorus. The spacey, eclectic tone really takes over at this point and translates the beauty coursing through the vocalist of the Danish five-piece.

Although SANT’s style of music isn’t necessarily my preferred genre I can appreciate their artistry and the trance-like hypnotic creativity that goes into their process. Check out their live session below.

#santindimellem #indierock

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