October 11, 2016


There’s a funky heartbeat and quirky feel to Winnipeg based indie-pop band, Royal Canoe. Their sound fuses together different styles- you can hear everything from post-dubstep, synth-pop and straight up indie-rock on their new LP, “Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit.” Already known for their inventiveness and experimentation, the Juno-nominated band pushes the boundaries of possibility on their latest release. While already heavy into percussive sounds and unique vocalizations, Royal Canoe has worked with producer Ben Allen (Gnarles Barkley, Animal Collective, Deerhunter) to further drive home this focus. What they have crafted is a take on indie-rock that you won’t likely hear everyday.

With groovy tracks like the album’s opener, “Somersault” and the chilling instrumentation on “Living a Lie,” Royal Canoe introduces us to some new territory with their sound. The album is consistently upbeat and experimental. Even the slightly mellow conclusion, “BB Gun” has us locked into the world that Royal Canoe has crafted. The album explores that concept of longing for home, and the weariness that being on the road can sometimes entail. We are given the opportunity to emphasize with the feeling, if only for the forty-seven minutes that the album lasts.

One of “Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit”’s standout tracks is “Walk out on the Water.” After “Somersault” leaves you hooked, this second song gets right into the thick of things. “Walk out on the Water” is a prime example of the band’s percussion/vocal balancing act. The strong melody from singer Matt Peters is bounced off of a heavy rhythm section, supporting bass line and a bit of weirdo-synth that lurks in the background. Still experimental in this fashion, the track is perhaps one of the most catchy songs on the LP; the chorus provides a hook that runs in your head for hours. Both accessible and inventive, Royal Canoe proves they are more than your run of the mill indie-band.

You can stream “Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit” below.

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