October 14, 2016


With some highlights from the 1980’s pop sensibility, and new-age synth influence, Ms. Henrik brings style and catchy hooks to his new song, “Like Lovers Do.” Introducing a personality as bold as their dance-anthems, the singer takes a stance as a role model for the LGBTQ community but also as an entertaining character with an androgynous persona.

Ms. Henrik shows off his quirky sound in “Like Lovers Do.” With a voice that is as unique as his image (he is often seen in full face make-up and a suit), the singer first grabs our attention with his eccentric Swedish charm. After our interest is peaked, we are sucked in, hook, line and sinker, with a chorus that has you bopping your head and singing along. The instrumentation on the track is reflective of old-fashioned 80’s pop, and a slinky guitar riff fills in in the background. “Wanted to pick a couple of fights/Like lovers do/And you did that just fine,” sings Henrik on the track’s chorus. The song is light in depth, not necessarily something we haven’t heard before lyric wise, but coupled with it’s bouncy synth backdrop, it can serve its purpose of being a good pop song.

You can get a better feel for Ms. Henrik’s bold personality in the cheeky video for “Like Lovers Do.” On some kind of heist, the singer and Swedish TV presenter, Henrik Olsson drive away from the scene on the crime while jamming out and singing along to the track.

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