October 15, 2016


Anna Renee’s newest video release for her song Addicted to Heartbreak is a haunting portrayal of the beauty and pains that accompany love and romance. The video follows her through what seems to be a perpetual pattern of addiction. We can observe the emotional transition from peaks caused by love and intimacy, to a swift spiralling into loneliness and emptiness soon after. Love is the drug that Renee struggles with in the song and it is an introspective look into the curious workings of Renee’s mind and soul. In the video, Anna Renee’s dancing is beautiful and tragic which adds to the visual allure and artistry of the video as a whole.

Anna Renee is a star on the rise and she is incredibly talented as she not only sings, but also writes her own songs, and she is also a successful actress respectively. Her music incorporates aspects of pop, blues, and soul. The Los Angeles based triple threat is working on an EP, which will be released on October 28th, 2016.

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