October 14, 2016


Femme Vanille is a cinematic pop masterpiece. Formed by film, television and documentary composer Karinda Perrier, her decision to break off and explore her own voice as a songwriter has resulted in her creating a beautifully unique mix of influences and sounds. Her musical background is evident in the creative time signatures, atmospheric undertones and detailed compositions of her music. “Another time” is one of my favorite tracks, Karinda’s folky voice paired with the slow strums of the guitar make for a sweet and moody verse, effortlessly moving into a percussive crescendo. Another Time is also the title of their upcoming album, which is anticipated to be released October 28, 2016. Recognized by the Dutch quality pop scene as an exceptional artist and reaching 16000 youtube plays at an impressively quick rate, this band has massive potential.

Watch the re-release of the dreamy single “Another Time” as well as the teaser for “bright”

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