October 17, 2016


I checked out gnash and his accompanying acts Friday night at the Mod Club in Toronto. The show started around 8:00 with Triangle Park (a member of gnash’s crew). He did a few originals and covered Adele (Hello) and Rihanna (Needed Me) as a one man band with just his keyboard and voice.

Next, Tunji Ige blessed the stage in a sleek red bomber jacket and kept the crowd hyped with multiple call and response opportunities in his raps. He played my favourite track of his “Bring Yo Friends” and followed up with some other gems “On My Grind” and “Day2Day”. Poor guy apparently lost his iPhone as revealed when gnash’s announcement was made. gnash teased the crowd with this before his set but an important message nonetheless saying “It’s a no judgement zone if you found an iPhone 5 it belongs to someone in our camp”

Goody Grace, Winnipeg native, walked out to a rendition of Oh Canada and had the national flag draped across the DJ booth behind him as he apparently does at all his shows. He played his acoustic along to the instrumentals through the soundsystem. I only discovered this 19 year-old singer today so wasn’t familiar with his music much but he did well. gnash came out to finish Goody’s set with their collaboration “2 shots”.

gnash entered the decorated stage in a different outfit now, holding a stick of incense. His stage décor is great; lights strung around the mic-stand surrounded by some plants and a LED display of nature imagery. Mark Johns (it’s a girl) hopped on stage for her feature on “Rumours” which was unannounced, guess she tagged along for the tour. There was a “happy birthday” rendition for the two celebrating in-house after the singer had to ask “are you sure?”.

gnash’s songs are simple, the lyrics are straight-forward and the hooks extremely repetitive which makes for a great crowd sing-along. The fans certainly had a blast and by the looks of it, enjoyed the merch tent too. It will be exciting to follow Gnash and see how his music evolves and what artists will be next up for collaboration. Shoutout to MRG Concerts for making this show happen.

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