October 18, 2016


If you’ve only ever imagined what a dynamic, soulful, hip-hop trio full of energy might sound like, you probably haven’t heard of the boys from Hare Squead (and you’ve been missing out just as much as I have). It seems almost like destiny for these three, who’ve met just by their shared passion of skateboarding, and are now also driven by their love of producing music. Signed to Sony Music, the group has been working on releasing new tracks, and can be found touring with the lovely Dua Lipa on her sold out European Tour!

Last week, Hare Squead dropped their new video for their latest track “Long Way to Go” with pop infused twists, and a distinctive sound that will almost probably have you doing body rolls in that seat you’re currently in. This premier of the refreshing, retro-inspired video for “Long Way to Go” makes it hard not to believe that they’ll become ‘the next big thing.’ With an infectious groovy vibe and smooth rap verses by Tony Konstonem E-Knock, and singer Jessy Rose, I guess you could thank the skateboard gods for binding these three lads together.

Just from the beginning of the video itself, the transitions and the build-up to the beat-drop perfectly prepare you for a song that has you feeling like it’s a warm, sunny day with no worries in the world (seriously though). And isn’t that what we look for most when it comes to music that we love? “Long Way to Go” encompasses all that I’d imagine about feeling good, and embracing new sounds, taken to new heights, from talented individuals across the globe. Using a sense of humour alongside an interesting concept of the video, directed by Ed Moustafa and shot by their good friend Ben Doyle, each member of the trio showcases their individual characters with every verse, that altogether, make for such a admirable group of boys living out a dream, making music full of flavour, and having fun while doing so.

The video for the song begins with a colourful, minimalistic wall, someone walking, and an old VHS tape labeled “Long Way to Go,” being played for three small television sets in line with each other, held by what I believe to be three chairs – assuming one for each member. The video pans from television to television, where one of the boys may be rapping, and the other singing his part. Not to mention the camera zooming which deliberately creates an even greater effect on the audience as they listen to the catchy lyrics which they don’t even know – but isn’t that the best part? And, though the interpretation of the song itself could be taken in many ways, it nonetheless instills a sense of “good vibes.”

In some ways, the rap integrated in their tracks also gives you a similar tone to that of Chance the Rapper as an artist himself. But that isn’t a bad thing. The flow of the song works perfectly with how well the artists intentionally engage with the audience in terms of their goofy, yet respectable personas being directly reflected by their parts of the song, and how the video carries that out.

As a group of creative hustlers, these boys just generate endless waves to be keeping up with. But this is just the start of their journey, I’d say. So until then, indulge in the music with me, kick it with your homies and give this track a listen by watching their new music video for “Long Way to Go” (you won’t regret it).

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