October 18, 2016


Henry Hall brings the quirky, dysfunctional visual representation to accompany his new song “Dream Lover;” an awkward song surmising a volcanic culmination of retaining too many feelings/thoughts resulting in one spastic explosion that is this song. Hall’s sporadic vocal jumps in conjunction with his choppy dance moves as well as the aesthetic yet disconnected background tie together the entire experience quite nicely.

Check out his iTunes bio if you want a good laugh and that same sense of humour is present in his lyrics as he sings, “Take a look at my ass does it seem like I’m anything but happy, cause I’m not when I’m home I pretend that I’m not napping, when I am, what is that? Oh and did I fucking mention that I’m in love with my girlfriend’s sister?” Before jumping into a colour infused chorus equipped with windshield wiper arm flailing and a great big grin. Henry Hall is a unique artist worth getting familiar with.

#henryhalldreamlover #pop

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