October 18, 2016


Nothing Personal is newest single from Night Riots’s upcoming album Love Gloom, which is scheduled to release on October 21st of this year. The single fits in well with the band’s general alternative rock description. The heavy use of electric guitar and drums produce a poppy, rock and roll sound while the lyrics remain dark and aggressive.

The band from California is composed of Travis Hawley on lead vocals, Nick Fotinakes (guitar,) Matt DePauw (guitar,) Mikel Van Kranenburg (bass,) and Rico Rodriguez (drums.) The group started making music while they were in high school and they have come a long way since then. Along with the four EPs that the band released in the past, Love Gloom will be their second full-length studio album. Night Riots tours regularly and this was the key in the beginning of their career which allowed for them to draw in such a huge fan following so early on. The band’s name originated from the feeling you get while watching one of their shows, which typically happen at night time.

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