October 19, 2016


RIVRS, an emerging electronic/pop duo from the UK, is ruling the sound waves with their memorable new release entitled “Falling”. “Falling” is the lead single on their new EP, recently released with Atlantic Records. RIVRS also recently released a live version of the “Falling” video.

The RIVRS duo met in university, where they discovered that they shared a love for bluesy vocals and energetic bass beats. Their new EP is full of soulful vocals, upbeat bass, and a lively energy; think Disclosure with a dash of Destiny’s Child. RIVRS quickly attracted the attention of Charli XCX, a dance pop sensation from London. Charli XCX announced last February that she had signed RIVRS to her own label, Vroom Vroom Records.

“Falling” is the duo’s breakthrough effort and the live version music video will only add to the acclaim. The video for “Falling” was filmed with Naked Noise, a London-based team of industry professionals who specialize in music video production. Along with the music, this entrancing video’s haunting vibe is created with a dark colour palette and a smoke-filled set.

Check out this killer music video for yourself and keep an ear out for new RIVRS hits; this surely won’t be the last we hear from them.

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