October 20, 2016


Last week, UK’s very own Astronomyy released a brand-new single called, “Hypnotized” off his anticipated EP titled “Rest in Paradise.”

While you may know him from his chart-topping success of his “Ocean Eyes” remix on Spotify, some don’t know that he’s also the co-writing and co-producing genius behind the multi-platinum track with MNEK & Zara Larsson, “Never Forget you.” With heavy musical influences from artists of the Rock ages in the 60s and 70s, to late 90s and early 2000s hip-hop, Pop, and R&B figures, Astronomyy has both established and cultivated an inherently dope sound over the last 3 years of his production process – a smooth rendition of pop and alternative R&B, all while channeling his inner star-boy through his relaxed, deeply-rooted personality of “chill” vibes in every song he produces.

Though his music is still currently somewhat ‘underground,’ Astronomyy’s music unveils emotionally-driven narratives, which unfold with a common on-going theme of the chaotic nature of modernized relationships within every lyric, and every verse. “Hypnotized” bears an on-going theme of endless infatuation with someone you’re so into (or not, anymore) and through feeling every beat drop, I can confidently say that I feel every word to the song.

There is no doubt that “Hypnotized” radiates a sense of adventure mixed with a side serving of recklessness, but it also simultaneously reminds you how it feels to fall in ‘like’ with somebody new, putting you deep into your feels for real – (just a heads up though). Nonetheless, “Hypnotized” track makes for a feel-good type of mood that has you appreciating any car drive with your speakers on full blast. Because who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy jamming in the car, windows down, hair whack, every now and then?

If you end up a little slightly obsessed, you can look for everything-Astronomyy on his website and follow him on all his future endeavours.

Check out the video below depicting a young reckless couple on an adventure that ends in a surprising twist.

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