October 20, 2016


Painting imagery that is often reminiscent of retro-Americana culture, Black Honey releases their first official music video, and ventures out into the Californian desert. Like every soul-searcher, singer Izzy B Phillips, finds herself attempting to shed the darkness of her past at the famous site of Joshua Tree. Throughout the video, our leading lady tries to dispose of a human heart that keeps on making its way mysteriously back to her. It is served to her at a restaurant, is featured on the TV, and in the sink of her hotel room. As a symbol of her haunting demons, the woman races to bury the heart at Joshua Tree before sundown, and hopes to put an end to the hell she has found herself in.

Like much of Black Honey’s previous releases, the British rock band stylistically provokes a sort of punk rock ethos, and mixes it with a retro, almost Americana- if Lana Del Rey met Courtney Love- type feel. Phillips’ bold personality shines through her larger than life style and attitude, both on stage, and in her video for “Hello Today.” The band’s sound toys with this kind of old-school swagger they promote in their imagery, but relies most heavily on the steady rhythm of good, old-fashion rock ’n’ roll. The band stays within the confines of what you would expect a rock band to sound like: a catchy melody, smooth guitar sounds and steady rhythmic backbone.

What works in the favour of these punk rockers is the surfer-cowboy swagger and their intriguing ability to harness the flavour of some of our favourite Tarantino films. This Western, desert glamour is accentuated across the visional components of the band’s artwork, and clever online promo. As indie up-and-comers in the UK, the band has found that their eccentric persona and hard working, do-it-yourself attitude is beginning to pay off.

Check out the music video for “Hello Today,” directed by Nadia Lee Cohen

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