October 24, 2016


Your dose of our city’s singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar, will have you in awe with his new single, “Get You” featuring the one and only, Kali Uchis.

Caesar’s ability to play off his emotions and create a unique style of harmonious music, continues to impress. “Get You,” is an ode to feeling lucky and experiencing an unexpected type of love you didn’t think you’d discover, mixed with an overwhelming sense of appreciation. Sometimes things and people, fall perfectly into your lap and all you can do is thank the universe for such a feeling. Caesar expresses this theme with enthusiasm in the continuous lyric, “Who would’ve thought I’d get you?”

You listen to his music and it feels as though you’re in a trance. For an entire four and a half minutes, he transports you to paradise. With a tender reminder of requited love, he maintains his sweet sound you know so well, and leaves you with a greater wave of admiration.

When Kali Uchis comes in mid-song adding a tasteful twist of her own, she amplifies the feeling of love that Caesar sings softly about. But they don’t just sing – together, they serenade their listeners with a soothing, soulful touch.

“Get You” manifests the perfect blend of Caesar’s charming character and Kali’s angelic voice, producing a song so good, it hits home.

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