October 25, 2016


Woodes, aka Elle Graham, is a uniquely talented artist and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Woodes’ new single “Rise”, which she co-produced, was released on October 20.

Woodes’ previous single, The Thaw, attracted attention and online praise from well-known publications such as Rolling Stone, Indie Shuffle, Grazia and even Hollywood actress Emma Roberts. “Rise” will only add to her growing popularity and acclaim; the lyrics are simply beautiful and the instrumentals are enchanting. Woodes describes the song as “A story with a beginning, middle, and an end. To me I see it all quite visually about a woman that emerges from the water”. It is a soft and groovy tune, filled with unique lyrics, bluesy vocals and hypnotic bass. The echo in the chorus is mesmerizing; it creates a dreamy flow that makes the song sound almost magical.


Check out “Rise” Music Video and listen to the magic yourself.

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