October 26, 2016


Fi is a talented and charismatic 22-year-old electro-pop artist based in Dublin, Ireland. She recently released her debut single ‘Ealu’ and it has already received praise and positive attention, as it has been played on the radio nationwide. The music video has also been released, and it is also a hit. It was warmly welcomed to Facebook with over 10,000 views in just the first day of being uploaded.

The term ‘ealu’ is an Irish word which means ‘escape’ in English, and that is exactly what this song and video will help you do. The song starts off slow, but picks up at the chorus, with a catchy beat that will be sure to stuck in your head. And with all the flashing lights, smoke, and the pulsing beat, the video will have you feeling like you’re at a club. So have a mini escape and go watch Fi’s video for Ealu, and be sure to keep this artist on your radar.

#fiealu #indiepop

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